Rockbox Saved the World again

Rockbox Saved the World again

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After the unfortunate incident when my beloved iRiver h320 dropped out of my pocket and its harddrive spun its last spin I needed to find a replacement soon. Quickly my eyes fell upon the Sansa Clip+. Its small, plays OGG Vorbis and with an additional 7.4gb microSD Card even comes within a 3Gb reach of the original size of my iRivers 18GB.
But after only a few hours I had to discover that there is a major flaw in the system. Nothing serious really. It only tends to FREEZE UP loading its POINTLESS media library for NO GOOD REASON when I put certain .ogg files on it. At least that’s what I believe causes the problem, for no one around the webs seems to have found the reason or even a fix for this problem. I spend an entire night on trying to find out which of my musicfiles couses the freezing up but there was just no clue.

So I tried to put Rockbox on it and I got to admit – it still does not really solve the problem. Because the port to this device does not support USB yet – meaning that you would have to start the original firmware to connect. Which means that the player would have to be able to start in the first place.

Apparently the glitch does not occur when I have no .ogg files on the player but .oga files :/ so I hope I can keep on using the player like this until either the rockbox people fix the usb support in an upcoming version or … the replacement harddrive for my iriver I ordered in Hongkong finally arrives.

Anyhow … there are no good portable audio players out there at the moment – what a sad sad world we live in.

PS: can I start a petition that we stop saying “mp3player” – because mp3 is soo dead in 2010. Some people only talk of iPods, I like the term abi but really what all of them are is a PAP. Just for the record.