now this looks familiar ?¿?

now this looks familiar ?¿?

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Lot’s has happend during the last few months. I’ve been working on a couple of smaller projects, some of which I am going to talk about in this and in the comming posts. Since I’m not much of an expert in any area but instead keep on trying out new things, trying to get to know as many technologies as I can.

On of my first little fun projects using python was a tiny script that created svg images with randomly saturated vertical stripes of one color. At the time was inspired by one single wallpaper I found somewhere on

Appearently the Idea cought on, because the gnome people gave their latest version Gnome3 a very similar standard wallpaper. To the left you see the one my little script, to the right you see the one on the gnome desktop. Or was it the other way around?

I’m gonna put this up on github in the next couple of days.

I also started playing around with ruby ( I admit, this has not all just during the last few months) . Two projects were significant. The first was the xxrb, a little extensible xmpp bot I had running on this server for a while and which told you the upcomming trams in the area of Dresden. The second one was a ruby on rails application I worked on as a university project with Lars Beier. The Second part of the same project was supposed to be based on javascript – which gave me the chance to get more familiar with coffeescript – yay

My most productive project does not actually have a name. I have to write a lot of invoices for my student Café and got tired of filling out the same openoffice template over and over again. So I wrote a little ruby script that reads yaml files and fills out a latex template I carefully build. Latex can really be a pain in the behind. I’ll try to make it available on github but I’ll have to generalize it first because at the moment it contains a lot of static content that has to do with my specific case.

I’m gonna get more specific on some of these and one other project I’m working on at the moment, just wanted to get a quick round up. It was nice talking to y’all again. Read you later.