No longer self hosted blog.

No longer self hosted blog.

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So I just switched to github-pages for my blog, for the simple reason, that I used to update the version of my wordpress blog more often than its content. Also I prefer the experience of writing markdown in vim to the pretty web based wordpress editor and I want to be take some of the weight off my private machine. Unfortunately this eliminates the comments (for now), but you can always reach me on twitter or email. If you write me feedback I agree with I will update my blog posts accordingly.

This entire thing is still a bit unsatisfying, octopress is not nearly as functional as I would have expected, you are required to handle both octopress and jekyll together and the default template does not quite resemble my personal taste. I will keep looking into this though.

Another big issue is that gitpub pages neither supports HTTPS nor HTTP/2, yet, which is a shame, but perhaps they will change their mind.

So keep your fingers crossed, that this will mean I will again post more frequently. Have a nice on.